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Maxser IT is an IT specialist throughout the wider region of Benidorm. We design, maintain and support the ICT environments from private customers to small and medium-sized companies.

When we started, our ambition was to start a company where IT things go better, smarter and faster.

We have formulated the following brand values and promises:

  • We stand for innovation, because stagnation means decline
  • We guarantee quality in both products and services
  • We have a personal approach, every person or company is different
  • We are proactive, prevention is better than cure
  • We enjoy our work and with each other

This is in our DNA.  We are passionate to help and to deliver on our promises.


What We Do

Desktop Repair / Laptop Repair

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Our many years of experience in the maintenance of various hardware, enables you to continue your business with functioning hardware within the shortest time frame.

Virus and Spyware Removal

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At Maxser IT we offer specialist virus removal to minimize the disruption if you do get infected.

Virus and malware pose a serious threat in today’s computing world. They come in all forms, from simple but annoying pop-up ads to full-blown lockdown rootkit viruses.

Mind you, sometimes, the only solution is to wipe clean the machine and have windows reinstalled completely. Of course, this can be very disrupting since you would have to reinstall all your programs, reconfigure your settings and potentially lose your valuable photos, movies or documents.

So always make sure you have a good back-up to restore all your valuable documents.

Data Recovery and Backup Plan

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Systems fail and people make mistakes.

Without a good data backup and disaster recovery plan, unplanned downtime can cause major damage to your bottom line. 

Ask us for what might be your lifesaver in such an occasion. 

Web Design

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Whether it is for just starting a business, or are trying to branch out and be your own boss, one of the first things you should do is focus some of your energy on developing your own website. 

We have delivered many successful websites over the past years, get in touch now and see what we can do for you.

Remote Services

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The service desk makes maintenance easier. We can often solve your problem remotely or make your work easier. From solving a malfunction to advice on an ongoing IT project. We ensure that you are back up and running quickly!

Voip Telephony

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  • Excellent Call Quality. 
  • Multi-Functionality. 
  • Secure. 
  • Portability.
  • Automated Assistance. 
  • Call Recording Service. 
  • Increased Productivity. 
  • Cost-Effective.

All benefits of VoIp telephony, ready to begin? 

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